Overcoming adversity 1

Oh Lord if I got a dollar for every time things didn’t go according to plan I would have made a million ………………… ok that’s an exaggeration, but I would have made a good amount of money.

I have learnt to adversity as a part of life and not some idea that somebody is out to get me, although it feels like that way sometimes.
A few things I came across on overcoming adversity
Accept that adversity is inevitable in life. Trying to avoid or resist it will only make it persist. Although pain is inevitable, suffering is optional. Things will go wrong on your shoot or with your images and crying or wallowing about it does you no favours. You have to press on, creating is not for babies.
Build your internal resources. Before adversity hits, prepare yourself mentally, work on your emotional strength, courage and discipline. Once you understand that difficulties are inevitable, you can prepare yourself mentally for confronting adversity head-on. It is no different than a warrior going to battle. They prepare physically and mentally for any possibility. Another invaluable inner resource is faith. Faith that everything will work out; faith that there is always light at the end of the tunnel, and faith that “this too shall pass.” As a Christian I put my faith in God that all things will work out for my good.
The image is from my time in Belgium working with the awesome makeup artist @paraguayana and model @audrey_borely Thanks for making my creative time in Belgium a good one.

Workshop alert: We have got the beautiful and talented Bubu Ogisi as our stylist for the day. For those who have sent their emails I will be sending some juicy stuff within the week, prepare yourselves. For others interested in the workshop, do you check out the facebook group (link in my insta profile). #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #belgium #adversity #photographer #tgif

Random thoughts on photography.

Started from the bottom and now we here ………….. Don’t be ashamed of where you have come from, or how far you have come. Your old creations show progress and that you are growing as an artist.

And now that you are here, push the boundaries even more. Never stop growing. I sometimes come across some photographers whose 2007 portfolio looks like their 2014 portfolio. That is a sad case of not developing and growing. Don’t let the constant commercial work drown out your true voice as a creator.

Follow photographers you look up to and keep abreast with their work. Read books and magazines and keep learning. Visit exhibitions and art galleries and learn from artists old and new. Never be content, never be complacent. Surround yourself with other like minded creatives who are constantly pushing the boundaries, it will sharpen you. Do not compare yourself to other photographers, it will only make you sad and depressed. Recognise that every photographer has their own voice and so do you. Photography is also about problem solving and people skills, once you understand that, your journey will become a bit easier. Place an imprint of yourself on your images, it’s your pièce de résistance.

The image is of Erica Carvalho, my giggling model who happily obliged to be part of my girl in the green dress project. Well she had no choice really. Shot and retouched on an iPhone.

Thanks to all those who have joined the workshop group (link in my Instagram profile). Things are shaping up and the teams are taking form. The workshop date is now the 5th November in Lekki, Lagos. If you are interested, join the facebook group and learn more. #love #art #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #london #random #photographer

Believe in yourself

It’s the creatives mantra, without believing in yourself and your ability you are doomed.

A few things I came across to improve your believe system

Get a purpose in what you create, be about something and develop something that is true to you. Don’t create assignment to assignment without a goal of who you want to be.
Accept compliments. Next time someone pays you a compliment, imagine it’s true and accept it. (Note to self asiko)
Over-prepare like a boss. Confidence comes from when you feel like you know what you are doing.
Handle the rejections. Yes somebody is going to say No to you, it’s a fact of life. Dust your shirt off and keep pushing.
Slay naysayers. People will say you can’t do it or that’s a dumb idea. Prove them wrong.
Surround yourself with right crowd. No man is an island, so roll with those who have your back.
Guard your heart with all your might because everything you create comes from it. If we lose our heart, we have lost everything.
Work your ass off like you are dancing for tips in a strip club. No retreat No surrender. As Winston Churchil once said “Never ever give up”
This is an old image styled and set designed by @lotionspotionsme studio @adrianpini . Workshop in Lagos in November, the link is in my Instagram profile.

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Talking about Style

So here’s an interesting thing I came across which applies to all creative work. Techniques can be taught, style cannot.

A few weeks ago someone mentioned that I should watch what I share and not give away my trade secrets. She also asked whether I thought of others copying and replicating what I do.

So here’s the thing, my images don’t look the way the way they do or emote the way they do because of some secret formula or sauce. They look the way they do, because they are an extension of who I am. And here’s a statement, there is no one like me on this planet of billions, it’s the genius of creation. So if I take two photographers to the same location shooting the same model, using the same makeup artist, wardrobe stylist and light settings, they will inherently create different images. No one can effectively replicate your style (well if you have one).

Just the other day, a tested with Lakin with the same model and we shot completely different images. So no, I’m not really bothered about someone copying my style, it’s inbuilt from who I am and my collective experiences.

The image is from my time in Belgium when I was working on a project called the Whispering Woods, which I pray I can get the time to finish. Back then I was defining my style, which was a bit cinematic which involved combining dramatic lighting, scenic spaces, atmosphere and the foreboding moment. My style is still evolving.

Workshop alert: I will be running a workshop in Lagos in the first week of November. As I mentioned it’s going to be different from your usual workshops. I’ve already starting building my team of awesome creatives. The link to the facebook page is finally in my Instagram profile.

PS I am humbled by everybody that comes on here to comment and general thumbs up my work, I am sorry I am not the best at replying. #love #art #portrait #photography #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #smoke #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #woodland #belgium

The new issue of Blanck Magazine is out. If you are wondering what Blanck is all about, it’s an online Pan African Fashion and Lifestyle magazine that has a pulse on social conscious issues in society. For this issue, our theme was Colour.

At Blanck I work as an Art Director which means I worked on content and visual aesthetic of the magazine. It’s been interesting learning curve for me and has opened to different ways of seeing things. I shot 2 of the covers of personalities Funmi Iyanda (an amazing woman, broadcaster and journalist) and Rita Dominic (a prolific actress in Nollywood). Visit our site www.blanckdigital.com and our Instagram feed @Blanckdigital and show your support for what we do. Have a nice Friday read.

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Whatever you create, make sure it bears your signature. I don’t shoot weddings but if I did they might look like this J which already looks like my work anyway. The look and feel resonates through all my work, its all in my style.

I shot this at friends wedding a few weeks back. A genuinely lovely couple and a beautiful wedding that I enjoyed being at. Coming from someone who doesn’t enjoy weddings thats something.

So my ticket is booked and I have started to build my team for the workshop. I can’t reveal the details but its going to be different from the usual type of workshop, something you would be happy to put into your portfolio.

Spaces are going to be limited as well. I have set up a group on facebook called ‘The Creative Forum’ where I will be putting details. Please contact me on there if you need anymore information. #love #art #portrait #photography #wedding #couple #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #clouds #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #ethereal #bridal #sky

Whatever form of photography you practise (weddings, fashion, documentary and portraiture) people skills are a most. It’s really every photographer’s saving grace. When you meet a client they buy into who you are and assess how well they can get along with you.

Here are a few tips on improving your interpersonal skills

Actively listen and communicate effectively. Take your time to let others speak and listen to their point of view. Think carefully before speaking and don’t blurt the first thing that comes to mind
Smile often. Nobody wants to be around grumpy boots.
Be patient, gracious and professional. News of how great you are to work with will travel far and wide and build a good network of clients and people promoting you.
Photography/creative careers involve working with other creatives. Its not about you, it’s about what we can achieve together.
Network. Personally I am not a fan of this but I have seen it work when I try. As photographers we are used to sitting behind our cameras and computers and not putting ourselves out there. Well bottom line, if you want to get more work and be exposed, get out there and network. Networking improves how you interact and come across, the more you do it, the better you become.
This was shot by my assistant @senrabj the weekend, intriguing image. My team and I created some great images for music artist Kaline Official @kalineofficial (Who was a pleasure to create for). Styling by @efe_igbin Mua by @gracegraymakeupartist We had the best time early Sunday morning. More bts images on my blog and facebook page #love #art #portrait #photography #model #girl #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #water #instaart #talent #inspiration #beauty #ethereal #hair #music

Tips for photography assistants

Apart from taking awesome behind the scenes images, my assistant @senrabj is also a talented photographer, she just doesn’t know it yet. She took some backstage images of Chloe our model that I wish I took. Here’s one, the rest on my blog which you can check out in my Instagram profile. Sandjena is also a great problem solver on shoot days, if there’s an issue; she always tries to find a solution. On our last shoot I forgot my reflector at home and she built a makeshift reflector using cardboard, tape and the inside of my softbox.

She is always on time; most times she gets to the location before I do. She is always smiling and in good spirits. She is always thinking, proactive and ready to get stuck in. I also make sure I pay her for invaluable time.

The image was taken by Sandjena as one of the behind the scene from one of our recent client shoots for amazing dress designer Estilo Moda Bridal. Styled by Mrs Jones herself Segun Garuba. Makeup by Tricia D’Costa and Hair by The Joseph Experience and off course the model Chloe Jasmine Whichello. Mr & Mrs Jones are back working with Wedding vendors and clients to showcase their brands with beautiful images and design work.

Workshop alert: The Workshop is being planned and put together for around the first week of November after Lagos Fashion Week. Join the facebook group ‘The Creative Forum’ for updates. Speaking of Workshop, I need an amazing stylist. #love #art #portrait #photography #model #girl #asiko #photooftheday #potd #picoftheday #bestoftheday #instagram #instagramhub #instahub #igdaily #instadaily #igers #instamood #portrait #instaart #talent #inspiration #fairytale #ethereal #bridal #dress

(at M1 J13)

A little thing about composition

Composition is one of the most important aspects of photography. Your composition is how you see – and that makes it infinitely more important. It helps to bring balance in an image. The image was taken in Greenwich on a beautiful sunny day earlier on in the spring.

In the image I employed 2 compositional elements, the centred and rule of thirds composition. The centred composition is used by everybody but few get it right, it’s very hard to pull off. It’s all about understanding symmetry, placing the subject in the centre but making sure all the elements fall into place. In my image, I used it divide the image into two and place the building and trees on a symmetrical plane.

I also employed the rule of thirds which I used to position the foreground and the skyline; 2/3 for the skyline and 1/3 for the foreground. In the rule of thirds, the image is divided into 9 equal parts and the elements are placed along the lines or intersections. In my image the elements were the buildings and the trees. Yes I know there are technicalities to this, but I would suggest any photographer looking to improve studies their compositions, its essential.

My thought process was how two opposing elements one artificial and the other natural occur in an environment to achieve a state of balance and beauty.

One thing I always recommend is studying old paintings; they are methodically put together and thought about. There is no haphazard slamming a brush on a canvass and it should be the same for a photographer, it’s not about a point and click. Think before you shoot.

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Early morning shooting for @estilomodauk bridal with @sineadii @gracegraymakeupartist @itsjesswilliams #bridal #makeup #model #girl #instagram #instagramhub #instamood #instahub #igdaily #video #dress (at M1 J13)